2nd Chances – Code Black

2nd Chances - Code Black

Marcia Gay Harden as the superhero doctor Leanne Rorish first day first-year resident Christa Lorenson, played by Bonnie Somerville a 2nd chance in new CBS series “Code Black,” Chicago Fire meets an ER on steroids. Mike Seitzman, who you might know if you watched Intelligence, has really hit it on the head with this show.  Amazing character development in the pilot.  His breakout win as a writer.  Good things coming for Mike.

Check it out Wednesdays on CBS.

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Who Needs Skin, it’s Writing Season

After a couple years writing on teams unaccredited, I am being trusted the opportunity to develop two spec scripts. I’m limited my freedom to get much into, not through NDA’s like I have been on the shows I’ve contributed to, but instead because chickens and eggs and all.

DGrindhouse Joint

One of them is a genre-crossing super-summer feature film project. It’ll be a deep-budget Marvel-grindhouse action thriller meets a Constantine Fringe universe. With cars. Assembly-line new vintage race cars. Developed this four years ago and have been sitting on it since, waiting for just this opportunity to breathe life into it.

The other is a game-changing way of telling a historical epic hardly known to the DC audience targeted. It’s a Television mini-series format that centers on two characters — a phantasmagorically-large antagonist and an almost angelic warrior of a protagonist. This one, too, bends genres in a way not done before. Here, I simply aid another writer optioning a research novel and help her seed the ideas to tell it in a way the book’s author he never saw coming.  Granted, I likely won’t be actually writing on this one, just assisting my writing partner with the concept and the style points.  But, just hovering nearby it, knowing my input is integral to the childbirth is plenty ’nuff here.  I’ll already be busy as the Devil on the other script.

Wish I could be more specific, but, can’t. I’m not exactly a socialite now, but, I’m about to kick my hermetic personality into overdrive, going skinless until a certain agent has two golden ticket scripts to offer the gods at Olympus.

You’re always one with your work. You sit at a desk with others or in your study with the passion that only comes from living in the universe you’re painting. You always give more than you could ever get in return. But, you only disappear completely into it when it’s your baby. I’m gonna be a daddy.

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Free State Wins Gold Medal for Best Lager in America

Through my University dog daze at in Lawrence, Kansas, I spent nearly as much time on the front veranda of the Free State Brewery as I did surfing the stacks of the famed Watson Library.

Everyone spending any time at all in Lawrence respects the brewmasters at Free State Brewery as some of the best anywhere, but this weekend, that was solidified in gold.

Garden Party Lager

Free State’s “Garden Party Lager” just won the Gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.  This is a colossal win for Free State Brewery.  According to Kansas City movie critic Eric “Mean” Melin, “There were upwards of 3000 entries in 92 categories, 3 medals per category, and the competition is the best in the business.”

I haven’t been back to Free State in five years and haven’t had the pleasure of trying Garden Party Lager, but I can guarantee I will, as this brew is sure to hit store shelves as far as Los Angeles.  I mean, Pabst won their gold medal in 1896.  They named PBR after it, and it’s held for almost 120 years.

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Mystic Sci Fi By Night Jazz Legend Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

Wayne Shorter with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

I’m a practicing Buddhist and a former entertainment manager to some pretty inspiring musicians.  I like being inspired and surfing harmonies.  To my surprise, in a radio show just on NPR, they featured the legendary player and bandleader Wayne Shorter.  I know Wayne for his work in SGI.  Soka Gakkai – the Nichiren Buddhist tradition I practice.  Wayne and his colleague Herbie Hancock are also Buddhists and also work through the SGI Arts Department and ICAP (International Committee of Artists for Peace.

Usually, hearing celebs chanting how we chant is talked about with beaming pride, but rarely heard away from an altar.  But, here we had a sighting.  The radio show started with Wayne chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.  Pretty cool.

Here’s the radio show on NPR.   Just follow to “listen to the radio show” link.  So well worth the listen.  Shorter is truly a jazz legend.

Here’s a nice intro to the man in all his crazy-weird-enlightend-transparency.  There’s a long-extended version of this on the page linked above, with some great performances at NY’s Lincoln Center:

The full video can be seen here, at NPR.

The article first linked with the radio show in it has a great article about Shorter.  If you don’t know what makes Wayne the legend he is, here’a a tad from the article.  Wayne:

  • He was the music director for Art Blakey‘s Jazz Messengers
  • Wayne was a Member of the Miles Davis Quintet in the mid-1960s
  • He was the co-founder of the band Weather Report
  • Shorter has been a bandleader and recording artist for more than 50 years
  • And, he is the winner of 10 Grammy Awards, including one for lifetime achievement

The power of Chanting, I’m telling ya.

A lotus flower, whose name was given to Nichiren's Lotus Sutra.

A lotus flower, whose name was given to Nichiren’s Lotus Sutra.

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[This is a re-post of an essay I published some months ago.  Up again here and now, because I created a new page on their crap site because a lot of people think I died, or something.  I’ll use the opportunity to spread the word about why people should get the heck off this HORRIBLE site.]

So, I’m off Facebook. The addiction cut quick.

Facebook Sucks Bird Flip OffWhy on earth would you do that?

Well, it wasn’t my choice. Facebook in its new corporate IPO crusade to the bottom has taken issue with peoples’ nomenclature. Their names. Whereby we signed up to use this site and were not required to show papers, now, we must confirm to their NSA bent. I had a slight disagreement with this concept, so, I go.

Important to know that there are a whole host of reasons why people don’t want to use their birthname in a place as public as a post-Myspace Myspace. Half of my friends exist in the public sphere. Many of them dodge paparazzi and know detectives on a first name basis beating back stalkers. That’s just musicians, actors, directors, producers, and the most protective of their privacy, the writers.

Now, others on my page are people who work in politics in one way or another. You won’t see Senator Frank’s private page with his super-secret incog profile name. I did, but no more. And, now, I don’t even have alternate contact info for 90 or so actual business contacts; a couple hundred actual friends; and even family. You get to depend on Facebook like Ma Bell. It’s gonna be there.

Well, that ain’t the case. You have no rights. I was a stubborn ignoramus. I didn’t make sure I asked everyone for their email addresses. Their phones. Now, I’m locked out because I won’t submit to Facebook’s demand to watch me poop, metaphorically.

Why so secretive?

I’ve always been critical of Facebook’s internal security. Because I’m not a freshman noob moron. If you can maneuver around the angry and aggressive tweener brigades of wannabe bullies fouling the place up with profane, juvenile monkey-crap flinging best-of-no-show contests, you still have to deal with the reality that your personal and private information isn’t secure. It’s not as common as it used to be that a company entrusted with client information would sell it on that market. I know. In four different, but somewhat entwined industries, I spent solid dollar on these lists. Harder to score that way with eyes on it, legally speaking.

Facebook Thumbs Down Dislike

Worse, now, as you’ve seen with the Sony and now the US federal database hacks. For cryin’ out loud, everyone enduring the process of undergoing clearance background checks since 2000 have just had all of their credit and contact information stolen in a hack that is bigger anything before or after, but too big to really acknowledge without just passing out from shock.

We’re talk8ing psych backgrounds of intelligence officers.

And, you think we should even trust Facebook with even our name? Let alone our financial information.

Papers Please Facebook Nazis

Do yourself a favor and get everyone’s real contact information.

SAVE ALL THE DATA ON YOUR PROFILE. I used mine as a journal. A personal journal. My captions. My comments. My “notes.” All of it, gone, because Facebook DEMANDED to know everything about me.

There are alternatives. Here, of course. Use your email again. Your phones. Twitter (my profile). Anything but Facebook. The last social media company to grant your trust to.

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Sun-Draped Bear-Dawg

Sun-Drenched Maddies

Maddux Andrew Pants, the golden bear-dog, is quite likely my most regular model for my pretend photography career.  I recently switched phones with phone companies and am testing the limits of the Galaxy 5S’ camera (yeah, I know the 6S is the newest model, but wise folk choose the 5S anyway, because they discontinued the whole “waterproof” thing with the latest model for some twisted reason).

Mads was chillin’ out in the morning sun under m’ princess’ desk before she had a chance to get to workin’ in it.  Early birdie is my worm this time.  And, I LOVE the photo editing filters in this phone’s camera.

2015-09-22 11.26.25

The next two photos were filtered with an old fashioned negative effect.  So we’re all perfectly clear, I don’t shoot with film anymore, although if I could, I certainly would.  Man, I miss the warmth of actual film and changing rolls and all the other parts of the process.  The smell of the chemicals.  Being very careful with each shot, because film wasn’t free..

2015-09-22 11.38.32

Very few of my friends know this about me, but I’m fortunate to be able to miss actually developing film and making negatives.  I used to work for a pro-lab — developing rolls for professional photographers; developing their prints and all of mine in between.  These are just quasi-generic negatives.  They have distinguishing names and info in them because I added them in Photoshop.  I don’t even know what most of the numbers in them mean.  They look so technical through the randomness.

2015-09-22 19.20.12

This one is courtesy of a great lens-flare filter.  I remember the days of old-fashioned lenses that caught cool flares when the sun tickles your shutter just right.

2015-09-22 19.27.34

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Best Time Ever: Just About That

Best Afterpary Ever

Harris’ sexy and talented sidekick Nicole Scherzinger rockin’ the party salsa-style.

I’m writing film right now so it really only has a little to do with me. That said, I’ve been a veritable PhD researcher the past 10 months with the evolution of Television series scripting.  But, the series I saw the debut for last night is far from the kind of script I’m gearing up for.

This latest one out — on NBC — is totally on a different plane of existence. Variety.

Hasn’t been one of these in a while, and a majority of critics I’ve read doesn’t think one can work in 2015. I have to respectfully disagree.

The new show is called “The Best Time Ever.”  Starring Neil Patrick Harris (who is also one of the writers on it) Dougie. Guy’s turned into a powerhouse, and the network LOVES him. For good reason. He’s quick on his feet with wit and timing that can run circles around it.

He punk’d Carson DalyGwen Stefani, and one of her bandmates in No Doubt (I didn’t recognize who) Pharrell Williams, and the audience of the Voice; got guest host Reese Witherspoon to race him up a 15 story scaffolding before ziplining down it; followed an unsuspecting guest couple through some of the most important moments of their lives without them ever knowing he was there; found himself a spicy sidekick, Nicole Scherzinger and more. Stuff no other show host could do without the support of the network in almost an executive production capacity.

You gotta check this out. Guarantee you’re gonna get addicted. I’m going to embed a clip from the show’s exit. It’s a CRAXY afterparty of a fade to black. Hope you dig. And, hope you like the nice, antique Muse’s Machine TeeVee I played it on :-)

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